Here comes the Lady Slipper

Star Riparetti

I am in continuous gratitude for being guided to Hot Springs for this phase of my life and this phase of the essences. The activated crystalline world here is catapulting me into what feels like even higher realms.

Last summer a sweet neighbor brought me a gift of a native Arkansas wild orchid ~ the Lady Slipper. I was in awe. In my astonishment I asked her about it and she said she had them growing in her yard. We then talked about the Star Essence orchid essences and she said I could use any of her Lady Slippers if I wanted to make an essence. Every part of my body said YES. As usual, everything that could go right, went right, and I made the Lady Slipper Essence. It’s taken this long to release it, and now it is ready.

lady slipper essence

There are new templates and codes in the crystalline grid (see description below) that we just ignited during this last series of eclipses. This essence helps to connect to the codes that are available now.

What is a Crystalline Grid? This is the term used to describe the grid like matrix of high frequency energy that is part of the Earth's new energetic architecture. Its pathways form a giant meridian system for the planet and are encoded with the divine design for humanities transition into a highly advanced multidimensional interface. We can use this grid as a spiritual “telecommunications system” to connect etherically and telepathically, to the higher consciousness of all humans.

Our collective frequency is now high enough to recognize the frequencies of this powerful essence. Using this essence can help to create more connection and enhance kindness.

The Lady Slipper essence is called Hypothalamus Moderator. It will help to energetically activate the hypothalamus gland to a new octave. The hypothalamus is a bridge from the etheric and spiritual world to the physical and has many functions. Oxytocin is produced in the hypothalamus and released through the pituitary. It helps lower the levels of cortisol (a stress hormone) that courses through our brain and also regulates sleep. When it is in balance it helps increase tolerance to pain which aids in pain management. When the hypothalamus is in balance, emotional upsets can be also be handled more gracefully.

Create a nexus ~ combine the pineal and pituitary essences with the hypothalamus essence.

lady slipper trilogy

Pineal Light Infusion (Andean Orchid) | Pituitary Master, (Santa Barbara Orchid) | Hypothalamus Moderator (Arkansas Orchid)

Using the three essences and activating these glands will create a sacred communion and an alliance with ourselves. There is increased connection to the divine ~ expanded consciousness. As these glands reunite, there is a supreme potential for rejuvenation energy. That reunification will allow more light from the universe to spiral into us.

Healthy functioning of endocrine glands are vital to existence of life. They carry healing and constructive energies that are the very creative forces that provide a key to our wellbeing. The communication begins at the hypothalamus then goes to the pineal and pituitary. These essences will help to awaken and strengthen these glands.

We can remain grounded, with both feet planted on the earth and recharge these glands that are connecting us to the crystalline grid. This could help us to become more youthful. It can also help to reverse aging. We can instruct the glands to replicate the compositions of hormones and other neurochemicals that they produced at an earlier time in our lives and to activate our full strands of DNA.

The vibration of these three essences used together will signal activity in the higher aspects of our brain, the sacred chambers. They can also activate the DNA codes of awakening which will accelerate our spiritual process. Using these essences together will prepare us to work with the new high frequencies.

Taking these essences will help us to transform and influence the multitudes, as we transform ourselves. Through this coherence we can create a massive harmonic resonant field. It is time to activate this field where there is peace and harmony for everyone. Taking them all can also increase our perception of color, light and sound.

We will notice new positive perceptions of our inner and outer worlds. We begin to establish a new program in our bodies.

The energies of these glands work in tandem with the energy vortexes - the chakras. When they are working together they provide the neural pathways and conduits to increase our communication with the higher realms. The glands activate our ability to access our multidimensional and higher realms of consciousness  

With our shift in awareness and vibration, we become more powerful and capable of fulfilling our higher purpose.

I recommend you check in with your own divine director as to how to take them. I have been taking the pineal essence off and on since I made it. Occasionally I will do a personal ceremony with the pineal, pituitary and the selenite as a bridge, to create the sacred marriage in the brain.

Now there is this new powerful addition - the Hypothalamus Moderator. I am taking it on its own for awhile, and then I will connect it with the Pineal Light Infusion and the Pituitary Master, plus the Selenite. I’m feeling that the addition of the Gold essence would be useful. I will be interested to hear about any information that you receive. We can help each other. We each have pieces of the puzzle. This is a new frontier.  

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