A Journey to the Heart with Star Essences

Star Essence

by David Jonas

I recently decided to go on a flower essence journey with 5 of the essences made by the wonderful Star, and I have called it A Journey to the Heart. Before I go into my experiences with the essences I chose, I would like to start by mentioning that, if you live near Santa Barbara (California), or if you are just passing through, I highly recommend visiting Star's pretty little cottage-office where you can sample all of the Star essences for free at her "Star Bar": it's amazing!

The essences I chose are: Emancipated Master, Doorway to The Heart, One Heart, Brave Heart and Radiant Sensuality. I was also sent a beautiful gift of the Body Spray, Love Lover Beloved, which I threw into the mix.

I started with Emancipated Master, because I felt that in order to really find my heart, the first thing I would need to do is let go of any addictions. Little did I know what was in store for me!! I thought that my main addiction was coffee; but the Emancipated Master drops, which are a combination of mostly Peruvian flowers, very gently made me aware that I had an addiction to the Internet! After taking them for less than 2 days, I both became aware of this addiction, and no longer had a compulsive desire to re-check my emails/baseball scores, etc. In fact, after just a few more days, I ceased my use of the Internet almost completely! I decided to give away my computer (which was getting old) and just go to a cafe twice a week. It was perfect. The Emancipated Master was, for me, really about freedom: the freedom to break-free from whatever is holding us back; or perhaps freedom from whatever "shadows" of which we are unaware.

Next up was the Doorway to The Heart.This is an intense and- some would say- difficult essence, which takes us deep inside our hearts. I felt that, before taking essences for relationships (such as the Love Lover Beloved spray, for example) it is important to go within.

I brought a bottle of the "Doorway" to my meditation group and we all chose to take a few drops before meditation. The effect was so profound that all 4 of us were drawn to lie down for the meditation - such was the power of the flower! It took us to a very quiet, still place; but it also helped to release any lingering sadness. Sometimes we delay going in to the heart because we fear processing heartfelt emotion: this essence goes straight to the heart of the matter! (In fact, we called the bottle Initiation of the Heartlight...).

Here is what I wrote in my journal about the Doorway to The Heart:

"Slowing down... going deep DEEP within... surrendering to the heart... knowing that coming from the heart is the only healthy way of negotiating with the outside world. Being in a quiet place where all wounds are healed by love. Letting go of the outside irritations as illusion... a Buddhic essence.... Like waves crashing on the shores of my heart. Raises our sensitivity to the love-vibration in music."


I suggest taking Doorway for at least a week.

Next up was One Heart. This lovely orchid opens our hearts to others, so that we feel connected to humanity and our soul-family. It helps us to realize that there is someone out there for us and it heals a sense of loneliness. It is a key essence for relationships - both intimate and friendships.

After taking One Heart for 4 or 5 days, I realized that I need to break through some old issues, so I started interspersing it with the Brave Heart essence. I felt that this essence helps us move forwards to the other side... go where we need to go and stand on our own two feet. Personally, I found it acting not so much on my heart, but on my solar plexus. It strengthens the will. Interestingly, during the week I took Brave Heart, I decided to move back to England!!

Next up was Radiant Sensuality. This is a fabulous combination essence which really helps open us up to new relationships. If you are feeling dis-connected from others, or unloved, or just that there is no-one out there for you, I can recommend Radiant Sensuality!

It's effects were immediate. I felt appreciated by others and open to intimacy in an exciting new way. It was like gentle waves along my body, especially in the tummy area, around the 2nd chakra. I noticed that I was attracting more women when I went out. (And I'm sure it works the other way around!) It opens us up to the delights and gentleness of a new relationship. Interestingly, I really noticed the Otter essence contained within it: perhaps this is why it is so delightful?

Around this time I had a dream in which the German film director Werner Herzog told me that I needed to take Divine Goddess essence to heal any lingering sadness. Luckily, I had a bottle in my cupboard...

Certainly the Radiant Sensuality is good to take when you are ready for a relationship - and to face whatever blocks you may have in that area. I am glad I took it after taking the One Heart !

After a few more days, I started the Love Lover Beloved Spray. Just the act of spraying it over my body after a shower really helped my sense of body appreciation. It has an earthy smell of patchouli and sandalwood. For me, it was really about loving my body and the way I look - and also appreciating the bodies of others. A perfect spray to take at the beginning of a new relationship... or when our sex-life needs some sparkle! The effects of the spray are more physical than the Radiant Sensuality bottle. It is a spray that you can take wherever you go, whenever you want to give yourself a dose of self-Love!

Love Lover Beloved certainly helped me acknowledge the importance of being in our bodies and of really appreciating the physical world. It was the icing on the cake.

David Jonas is a flower essence Practitioner living in England. He can be reached by email: davidjonas2@hotmail.com.

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