The Andean Orchids eBook by Daniel John Pry

An in-depth study of the Star Essence original 12 Andean Orchid Essences by spiritualist Daniel John Pry, with orchid geometries and pictures by Oceanna (1998)

Daniel’s journey with flower essences began in the mid eighties in and around the rolling hills of central Pennsylvania. He developed his love and appreciation for flowers through his mother Wanda Ellen, and her mother, who is of immediate Cherokee decent. Daniel was introduced to the flower essences by Jennifer Tucker, a blessed healer and earth guardian who was a flower essence practitioner at that time. Daniel’s exploration of the Bach Flower Remedies, Paralandra studies, Gurudas, and other essences, including those he has co-created, continued until he became a certified practitioner. He has facilitated healing and expansion with the flowers ever since.

  Daniel and Star (essence producer and founder of Star Essence) connected in Telluride, Colorado where they were both teaching workshops. She attended a workshop he presented on music, vibration and sacred movement. He was then guided to go to Star’s workshop- even though he felt he already knew about flower essences. There he experienced the voice of Ponthieva montana (Divine Child) singing, as he dropped the drops into his mouth. The connection is divinely orchestrated and together they represent an inspired team. For the purpose of writing this book Daniel fasted two days prior to taking each individual essence, then sat and explored with each essence for two days, then began the cycle again with the next essence. In addition to his own experiences, he has worked and continues to work with his clients and the essences.

Format: PDF

Please note that though the image previews for this eBook are grainy, the PDF file itself is clear.

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