$ 20.00
Chakra Gem Collection

Protects and Heals; Stomach, Pituitary Gland, Intestinal Tract

The rainbow essence of quartz brings in and radiates light. It attracts life force, brightens and energizes the aura. It awakens the pure light of the soul, promotes mental balance and facilitates positive thinking. The beautiful clear quartz spheres this essence was made from were programmed with all the love in the universe, which many feel right away when they take this essence. Feel the positive energy radiate from within when you take this quartz rainbow essence. It enhances rejuvenation and balances the etheric body. Quartz is also excellent for earth healing. Use the drops directly on the earth. Quartz also activates psychic gifts. This essence can be used to enhance other essences and it is very powerful alone. It is also excellent with other modalities, especially homeopathy. Put 7 drops in a regular bottle of eye drops for quartz eye therapy. Archangel Metatron overlights this essence.

Anatomy keywords: circulatory and immune systems, kidneys, bladder, digestion, skin (burns, blisters), vertigo

Clear Quartz is an ingredient in: Celebration, Happy Pet, Quintessential Balance, Celebration Blessings Spray, Happy Pet Spray, Sacred Sanctuary Spray.