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Size: 1/2 oz. aromatherapy bottle with reducer cap

Citrus Sinensis

Extraction: Cold expression of the fresh peel

Like a freshly peeled orange, sweet, energizing, and cheerful. Orange essential oil can boost the mood in a room with it's citrusy aroma. It can be combined with other essential oils for a revitalizing diffusion or dropped into a cleaning product for it's cleansing and aromatic properties.

Dab on pulse points, use in aromatherapy vessels, shampoo, lotions, or wherever you desire.

Safety precautions: Orange essential oil is phototoxic – do not expose skin to direct sunlight for 12 hours after useAs with any essential oil, if you are pregnant or nursing, consult a health professional before using. Avoid direct contact with eyes and tender or sensitive areas. Do not take internally unless working with a qualified and expert practitioner. This essential oil is not "food-grade" and should not be used as such.

Orange essential oil is used in: Yoga Mind Mouth Mist , Celebration Blessings, Happy Kid Spray

Artwork by Cara Cummings

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