$ 22.00
Be Illuminated

Creating rituals within your meditation practice

This spray is a blend of the Illumination essence and lavender essential oil. 

Opening and expansion. This profound blend assists you in moving through the energetic octaves, and with bringing light into you gently. Actualize the opening of the heart and encourage receptive qualities. Inspires heightened intuition and vision.

The lavender activates your sense of smell (extremely powerful for building habits) and allows you to become fully present in your moments of meditation.

Spray your space before settling into each meditation session. Consider ending your session with Crystal Clear Spray or F.A.B Spray.

Essences: Anchoring Light (Sobralia dichotoma)Deep Breath (Eucalyptus)Divine Goddess (Masdevallia veitchianna)Gold + Silver/White Chakra (Sobralia setigera)High Frequency (Pleurothallis)Initiation of the Heartlight (Pink Lotus)Yellow ChrysoberylHeliodorRutilated QuartzWhite Marble, and White Topaz

Essential Oils: Lavender 

Base: Activated Sacred Healing Water (no alcohol)