$ 20.00

Divine Spirit/Heart/Mind Synthesis; Hormones

This essence contains clear, pink, and yellow Kunzite varieties, which work together in supportive synthesis. A very soft yet stable energy. Clarity, strength, connection. Wonderful for meditation, assisting with deep centeredness and Divine Mind, even for those who usually have difficulty achieving/maintaining altered states. This feeling of centeredness and serenity can also be supported in all manner of day-to-day situations as one is gently shielded from disruptive outside energies. Kunzite, in particular the pink variety in this synthesis, carries the pink ray and can bring in profound experiences of unconditional love and heart expansion. (The pink variety also has a strong connection to female well-being and can address issues relating to comfortable feminine expression on the Earth plane- from bodily symptoms to more metaphysical levels of healing- as well as motherhood.) Kunzite has a celestial connection and can be supportive for starseed children and adults alike who feel “homesick” or are having difficulty adjusting to Earth’s environment and vibration. A sense of nurturing and cushioning is offered by this synthesis, encouraging confident unification and alignment with one’s mission here.

Anatomy keywords: immune system, heart, lungs, circulation, female reproductive system, hormone-related migraines, puberty (girls), PMS, menstrual problems, rashes (chemical allergies), anesthesia recovery, neuralgia, epilepsy, joint pain, EMF protection