$ 20.00
Hale Bopp Comet Essence

Cosmic Consciousness; Star Connection; Soar the Cosmic Ethers

This brilliant essence connects us to the galactic matrix and accelerates and assists us in communicating through the heart to our cosmic and galactic brothers and sisters. Chaska Essence embodies the energy of the goddess that was anchored in the valley where this essence was made. This celestial essence is the energy of the spectacular comet Hale Bopp on the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. We also called in the energy of the elements, the four directions and the sun and the moon. It assists in helping one leave the arena of manifest matter and soar in the cosmic ethers, accessing dimensional doorways, through the heart, especially the etheric temples of regenesis. This is a magnificent essence to use when walking labyrinths and when connecting heaven and earth through the heart as well as for intergalactic communication.

Chaska is an ingredient in: Harmonic Concordance.