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"A lovely place to get sprays etc from is Star Essence in California - I swear by their FAB Spray (which Ellen does too as she used it for her exams) and also their Angel Rejuvenation Spray often lifts headaches - both smell really special so are real treats."
- Kathy, via Facebook

"I love your Flower Essence Sprays, especially the Angel RejuvenationHoly Harmony and the FAB.  All 3 have helped me tremendously.  I can't wait until all your sprays go on sale again.  I want to give them as a gift to a friend. Blessings."

- Jeannine, ND 

"We have 4 cats....1 of them is....urrrrr....ummmm...not a team player.  She never has been very social, no amount of love and attention seemed to change her behavior, we just consider her a perpetual teenager.  One day in Austin I found your product, my husband and I picked up the bottle and just started laughing out loud to each other as we immediately put it in our shopping basket.  I spray my hands with it and then pet her...(her being 'Patricia' or 'Paaatttt!' when she is showing her warrior side)... what a change!   She now sits in the sun room with the others, plays with them, comes over to me to be picked up and loved on (of her own will...not the 'tough love' version of us picking her up and kissing her while she kicks and screams).  She is a success story for your Happy Pet Spray, I'm sure there are many others."

- Melissa

"Transcendence Spray— it is so wonderful, I can’t imagine going to sleep without it— maybe not the intention, but I sure have been having been drifting off more easily and having aboslutely wonderful dreams!"

- Lisa


"Ordered Super Immune Spray and used it on a recent long trip to Paris...  Swear it kept me safe from cold and virus...  Everyone on the plane was coughing and sneezing...  Super Immune kept me fearless...  Transformed the way I have been flying.  Blessings to you, sending loving kind wishes as well."
- Alice, grateful Las Vegas essence addict


"I have a good friend who is an amazing medium. I met her when I hired her to do a reading and we've grown close over the years. Because of the spot-on readings she has done time and time again I trust her so, when she was over yesterday, I showed her my recently purchased Shield of Light Spray. (She hadn't seen it before or heard of your company.) She held it, paused a moment and said "This feels very safe. It has Archangel Michael all over it." I bought the spray because you say the bit about him in your description of the spray! I 'bout fell out of my chair. One more validation that you are truly who you say you are and 100% real. Thank you so much! In gratitude..."

- Jessica

"Dear Star Flower Essences, Thank you for the warm and cordial manner you responded to my request for information. I was very pleasantly surprised to receive my order before I even had a chance to mail the check! (in less than a week) I spent the day using them all and enjoying! The Crystal Clear Spray gave new life to much-used gemstone necklaces I was sure I'd have to replace. I will enjoy experiencing the uniqueness and 'specialness' of some of your other products since these few have been such a 'find'! In Love and Light."

- Danita


"I live in Blue Hill, Maine, and recently met your sweet and wonderful friend, Roslyn Segal. After we finished a healing session, with the energy in the room already amazingly high, she spritzed me with your Crystal Clear Spray and 'knocked my socks off!' I felt as though thousands of bliss-filled children's soap bubbles were emanating from all around me and then popping. What an amazingly sweet energy feeling it was. Congratulations on listening to your Soul's Path so well. What a gift you then give to us."    - Creeksong


"I have been spraying my dance studio with Happy Kid Spray for about a month now. Yay! I have noticed that the younger students (ages 4 & 5) have less upsets and the teenage-level seem more empowered to communicate their issues as well... And since I'm a big kid at heart I have been having bliss-filled days at 'work.' Thank you for this wonderful Light-work you are sharing with the Universe and its children!"

-Diane, Santa Barbara, CA.

"Leap of Faith Spray... wow that one does the dance of calmness and confidence.  We can mistake a feeling of confidence from un-mindful doings...  Spray with Leap of Faith and do the confi-dance dance with mindful ness and joy. Holy Harmony Spray is another best friend to me... my ears like to be sprayed with it especially... (he he) Like it is saying, 'listen to the sounds of beauty around you' which creates a blessed feeling of safety.  This spray is totally my first aid spray.  I have been listening closer to the wisdom inside me... 'Nothing to fear my dear' says Holy Harmony!" 

- Anita


"Loving the new Transcendence Spray... relaxing in high-vibration jasmine bliss! ♥"
- Valerie, via Facebook


"I just got a wonderful email/testimonial from a dear friend of mine.  She is in her first year as a second grade teacher at a challenging school in Oakland.  She has been at her wits' end on a regular basis so I gave her some Holy Harmony Spray for her classroom. She writes:

'After lunch recess I have my kids come in, put their heads down, and we listen to classical music for a few minutes to help them relax.  If they are acting calm, I will spray [Holy Harmony] over their heads. They LOVE it!  Anyways, I was very explicit that they aren't allowed to spray it themselves, only me...  Well one afternoon last week, I look over and see "Sean" spraying the spray rapidly all over his face.  I come over to him and say "What are you doing!? I said students are not allowed to spray it themselves!"  He shouts back at me with a frenzied look on his face: "BUT I NEED TO CALM DOWN, I NEED TO CALM DOWN!!!"'

Side note: 'Sean' is her most challenging student, very bright, but she suspects Obsessive/Compulsive disorder.  I find it so fascinating and magical that he clearly knows/feels what the essences do for him! Wouldn't it be wonderful if every classroom had essences in it!"

- Becca


"thank you for your amazing sprays of grace
how sweet the essence 
altering ~healing
aloha love to you and star family malama pono."
- anita