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"Your combination essences have been a great success in our store."
- Paradise Found, Santa Barbara, CA.


"I am a CranioSacral Therapist and have been treating a gentleman for about 6 months (on and off).  He is in his 40s and diagnosed with ADHD.  About 4 weeks ago, I treated him and also asked him to take Attention Formula, a dropper-full 4 times a day.  He has since gone off all medication...  He is now only taking B vitamins, Gingko and Zinc in addition to the flower essence.  He has noticed a huge improvement!  The relief experienced from CranioSacral treatments only seemed to last for about a week; of course he wasn't treated on a regular basis, but the flower essence seems to hold the treatment for weeks longer!  I am totally optimistc that we can correct this situation permanently!  Thank you sooo much!" 

- Diana, L.M.T., CranioSacral Therapist & Reiki Master, Orlando, Florida

"I started taking your Celebration in June and the change in my attitudes, lucid dreaming and positive energy has been a miracle!  ...Celebration is a wonderful product and I forsee it being a very real presence in my life from now on...  Please continue to make Celebration.  Please continue your Blessed work!"

- Pamela, Sebastopol, CA.

"I have been using some [of your essences] on my trip to visit my daugher and her newborn son and 3 year old... What a help the essences are in making all the necessary adjustments - Quintessential BalanceLoving ThoughtsForever Young all a big help. Thank you, I am grateful."

- Janice, California


"Your Super Immune blend cleared my daughter's 'hang-on' cold in two dosages of three drops each, completely gone!  Thank you."
- Gabriole, Vancouver, Canada


"As I get older my anxiety has gotten more intense.  I love to travel though so I am always looking for solutions.  I have taken two trips in the last two months.  I have used the Travel Solution combination essence both times.  What a difference!  I felt as if all was well and my anxiety did not come up.  Even when my plane had been cancelled after getting up at 3 a.m. to reach the airport in time, I was able to allow the situation to unfold without getting that upset stomach.  Thank you so much for this solution."

- Diane, Santa Barbara, CA.

"The best deal money can buy...  The wonderful combination of Radiant Sensuality – All those essences in one bottle.  I for one had AMAZING results with that one.  Hello first chakra, let's dance!  Thank you for putting them together!  I will be back for more. :)" 

- Ann

"Thank you very much for sending me the Celebrationcombination essence...  It helped my baby shower to be a success...  It created such a healthy, relaxed glow."

- Dana


"I use Peaceful Sleep with my son, and he no longer has night terrors.  Thank you."
- Renee, Madison, WI.


"Whenever I get a tickle in my throat I immediately turn to Super Immune. The other morning I woke up with the left side of the throat entirely swollen and was afraid I would be in for a long sickness, but after just 7 drops of Super Immune I was right as rain!"

- Abigail

"The Brilliant Student combination has been very helpful in the process of conceiving, researching, writing, and editing my most recent college paper...  As a result of taking this essence regularly while working on the paper, I experienced an increased ability to formulate a theme.  The research process felt streamlined due to the increased focus that I had, and the development of the paper was more fun and creative than ever before!  ...The profusion of sweat and tears involved in past research was replaced with a willingness to focus positively on the task and I am happy with the outcome.  Incidentally, so was my professor- I receieved an A+ on the paper!"

- Gwendolyn, Santa Barbara, CA.

"I am so grateful for the essence of Quintessential Balance...  It really helped my mind and spirit before, during and after my 3 1/2 hour dental appointment (no more metal in my mouth)!  I took it again last night before bed and it helped me to sail right through a potentially stressful situation this morning!!!  THANK YOU!!"

- Renee


"I want you to know how much my hubby and I appreciated your Travel Solution drops.  Even though we went up to 12,000 feet (and stayed at a high altitude for two weeks), he and I felt fine the entire trip...  I also believe your drops helped me to recover more smoothly from jet lag. Thank you for making a beautiful difference in our health- a most valuable gift!!"    - Janette


"Prosperity Alchemy is another wonderful addition to my life. Every time I take the drops an unexpected windfall comes into my life, whether it's as small as finding a parking space with time still on the meter, or larger, like a gift in the mail or a raise at work.  Especially in this time it feels very empowering to envision natural abundance, and live in 'thrival' rather than survival."

- Abigail

"Thank you, thank you!!! My body has been searching for healing for several years. My new job brought me to my new friend who distributes Star Flower Essences. I believe my search has ended since I began using Super Immune almost five days ago. Within 30 minutes after taking four drops of the essence, I felt a slight tingling in my upper body. My skin felt as if it were light and breathing in all the great air around me. There was an immediate clarity in my thinking, which was unusual at 2:00 p.m. on a Monday at work. ...Star, Roger and team --- may you be forever blessed for your gifts of creating, wisdom, educating and sharing. I can't wait to try your many healing products, and to tell others about these miracle essences. Love you all."

- Marion, CA.