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"Angel Rejuvenation Spray truly lives up to its name. As you spray its beautiful fragrance over you, you can feel your vibrational frequency elevating. I highly recommend Angel Rejuvenation Spray to anyone who needs a natural lift or boost, and especially for those who are seeking clearer communications with heaven."
– Doreen Virtue, PhD, author of angel books and oracle cards


"My husband, the dentist, started using the Angel Spray between each patient yesterday and did feel there was a shift in the energy between him and his patients.  So I will be ordering more since he has four treatment rooms and sees between 12-20 patients per day."

- Sara

"I love the Angel Rejuvenation Spray- it has been such a blessing since I bought a case at Inats 2000. So glad I did - it's assisted me greatly in my transition and healing. Blessings to you for making it available."

- Cory, Utah

"I'm fortunate enough to have just spent the last 2 months in Peru - On my first San Pedro journey we used your Angel Rejuvenation Spray. I'm writing to say THANK YOU!! Peru changed my life for the better, and you contributed, too. ...So, THANK YOU for helping me to become more of the Goddess that I am!! Warmest regards."

- Anita


"What a wonderful addition to my practice. The Angel Rejuvenation is enjoyed by everybody. It clears the workspace quickly and lightly." 
– Michael


"When my 2 boys ages 18 & 19 arrived in Santa Barbara mourning the passing away of their father the previous day, I took them into your store. They were so receptive to the essences and to Angel Rejuvenation Spray. Up until this time they had pooh poohed my interests in such things. I shall remember their look of being nurtured."

- Ramona

"Aloha, Star! Mahalo for the Angel Rejuvenation Spray. I have been using it regularly and sincerely appreciate its supreme quality and light-giving benefits. This letter is to acknowledge you and the wonderful work you have contributed to the planet. From your literature, I know how divinely creative and inspired by love you are. I feel such joy and gratitude radiating from you and truly wish to manifest this state of being more consistently within myself. Do continue to be well and prosper! Oceans of love and light."

- Hileah, Honolulu, HI.

"I look forward to receiving the Angel Rejuvenation Spray to delight my friends with, as much as my bottle has delighted me, and could you please enclose details of your other wonderful sounding products. All good wishes, and indeed, Peace throughout the world."

- Anna, England


"The Angel Spray makes me tingle to the tips of my toes."
- Microbiologist


"The Angel Spray and the Angel Drops are Heaven on Earth! Purely divine products, like I’ve never ever experienced before." 

– Scott

"I spray the Angel Rejuvenation Spray on my 90-year old beloved Mother in ambulances, hospitals, and her own lovely bedroom at home.  She loves it.  It always transforms the space she is in at the moment...  We carry it in the car, in my purse, on airplanes, and I've been gifting it to my friends for years. Bless you for all the good God/Buddha's work that you do."

-Alice, Las Vegas

 "I gifted my mother with a bottle of Angel Rejuvenation Spray and when she sprayed me with it, the headache I'd had for more than a day disappeared instantaneously!"

- Johanna, Santa Barbara, CA.