Become attuned to the Star Essences!

From those brand new to vibrational essences to longtime practitioners, this uniquely life changing and life affirming self-directed course has something to offer everyone and will take you to your next level.

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This course is a transformational treat. It celebrates synchronicities and gratitude. It is about radically raising our frequency, our vibration. To take it is a gift for yourself, and also a gift of service.

Explore each of the essence collections in the Star Essence system through enjoyable and multi-faceted techniques, including stories, photographs, music, art, meditations and energy transmissions. Nourish your creative spirit and enhance your personal understanding with educational, empowering and FUN assignments that celebrate your individual expression.

Whether you are seeking an exciting new profession, a new modality to incorporate into a current profession, or simply an opportunity to reAwaken your divine self and come into greater alignment with your soul purpose, let this course offer you a "solution"!


"Absorbing your blissfully wonderful energies, opening my heart and letting it all flow out onto friends and clients has been a most powerful transformer for me. I am so proud to be a Star Essences Practitioner, so very proud indeed."

- Janet



★ What vibrational essences are and why to take them

★ How to activate water

★ How to make and bottle your own essences

★ How to incorporate essences into your life and practice

★ How to choose essences for yourself and others

★ How to do essence consultations

★ How to use essences with other healing modalities

★ Usual and unusual uses of essences

★ The magical and entertaining stories behind the Star Essences


★ ...and much more!


★ The healing power of the essences

★ Making your own essence blends for your current growth and to support you during the course

★ Exploration of self in communion with Nature, and a greater appreciation for Nature

★ Personal empowerment and expansion

★ More trust in your intuitive abilities

★ The Art of Composing Constellations

★ Connecting with a "Star Essence Angel" who will oversee your progress

★ Interaction with and inspiration from other students and practitioners via the private Star Essence Practitioners group on Facebook

★ Creativity, music, fun, magic and surprises!


"I am continuously being surprised by this course. My rational ideas of learning have been stretched and I am embracing a holistic - or holographic perhaps - learning method that is very satisfying and equally upending my preconceived notions. Sometimes I don't know what's going on and then it all sinks in - or syncs in. In all, I am SO grateful!"

- Dean


Meet Your Professor

Star Riparetti, creator of the evolutionary outcome-oriented Star Essence system of essences, shares her unique knowledge of flower and gemstone essences and her passionate dance with their divine energy. An internationally recognized author and teacher, she has been enjoying and studying essences for nearly 30 years. This course is a synthesis of 20 years of teaching and truly a labor of love. The course videos radiate with her infectious joy and optimism and will inform, enlighten, amuse, activate and inspire you!


To learn more about Star, see Meet Your (Essence) Maker 


"I loved the [opening invocation] Star said. She has such a warm nurturing presence and I could feel her invocation wrapping its arms around me energetically like a blanket. I felt very safe and protected and I believe her when she said if we are here, we are ready for this."

- Linda



What's Included (All the Goodies)

Course Price Includes:

★ Access to the virtual classroom and 10+ hours of video

★ 25% off all essence sets while taking the course

★ A personal "Star Essence Angel" to oversee your progress and answer questions during the course via email

★ Detailed and deLightful ePacket containing Course Outline, Assignments, Sacred Healing Water Activation Process, How to Make Dosage from Concentrate, References and more

★ Materials Kit ($375 value) including:

      1. Set of Original 12 Andean Orchid Flower Essences in Concentrate
      2. 18 empty 1 oz. cobalt blue bottles w/ droppers
      3. Angel Rejuvenation Spray
      4. Peruvian Flower Cards
      5. Starter 1 oz. Sacred Healing Water
      6. $88 essence credit
      7. Star's book "Bliss and Blessings: The Divine Alchemy of the Star Flower and Gemstone Essences" in paperback

      ★ A certificate at completion

      ★ At completion, 1 year Practitioner Membership, which includes a 15% discount on all Star Essence purchases! (Thereafter you may renew for the small annual fee of $22.)

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      "Now I know why I was drawn to this course: TRANSFORMATION, GROWTH, LOVE AFFAIR... something like that. I was sitting in my reading chair this morning and had tears coming down reading the welcome letter of the ePacket. I truly feel supported and loved in this process... I am blown away. I kept writing down 'OMG' all over the packet."

      - Rad


      Frequently Asked Questions

      When does the course start?
      This is a self-directed course, and you may begin whenever you choose (once your Materials Kit has arrived).
      How long is the course?
      Everyone moves through the course at their own pace, so the length is based on individual commitment and circumstances. There are 10+ hours of video to watch and 14 assignments. You may choose to do an intensive course with daily commitment and complete it within a month, or you may only be able to do a little on weekends, thus spreading it out over three or more months. It's such an enjoyable course that some people really like to savor it, and review segments! We prefer that you complete it within 1 year, but there is no deadline or expiration.
      What happens when I purchase the course?
      1. After you have made your purchase, you will receive a Confirmation Email for the order, which includes a digital download for your course ePacket- and be sure to save it in a safe place! It contains very important instructions and info, including a link to a Student Questionnaire to fill out right away, and links to access the course content.
      2. Based on the info received in your Student Questionnaire, we will send out your Materials Kit ASAP, which will include all of the goodies needed for the course, as well as a note introducing you to your personal Star Essence Angel!
      3. When your Materials Kit arrives, you are free to begin the self-directed course at any time! Your ePacket contains all of the instructions and assignment details, and the virtual classroom on Pathwright where you will access the videos and other course content will direct you through each step... And of course, your progress will be overlit every step of the way by your Star Essence Angel.
      4. After course completion, you will receive a Graduation Envelope with a signed certificate, letter from Star, and our blessings!
      Can I pay for the course in installments?
      Paypal offers a credit line to qualifying buyers, which gives you 6 months to pay for orders of $99 or more. When checking out, select Paypal as your payment option and click "Confirm Purchase." You will then be taken to the Paypal website, where you can log in to an existing account or create a new one, and choose "Paypal Credit."
      Can I take the course in person instead of Online?
      After 20 years of leading live certification funshops, Star has retired from teaching in-person Practitioner Certifications. She is immensely proud of the online course and feels that it is in fact more comprehensive and informative than what she was able to offer in 2-day funshops! She leaves the future open to the possibility of offering in-person classes in advanced or specialized areas of vibrational essence practice.
      Star's certified Star Essence Master Teachers do occasionally offer in-person Practitioner Certifications. Contact us to learn about any upcoming opportunities.
      What is the refund policy for the course?
      Refunds will be given for up to 30 days after purchase, in the method items were paid for.
      Returns over 30 days can be exchanged for store credit only.
      For both refunds and store credit, we subtract $50 for administrative/re-stocking fees, as well as any shipping expenses and the cost of any opened or used materials.


      "I am very grateful to have found the Star Essence Practitioner course. It has moved me to have a greater disposition to be more creative without fear and to trust more my own intuitions."

      - Paola


      "I cannot say a particular 'aha' moment, I have had several. My 'aha' is that I have had a total transformation in my life and my soul. I now know what an amazing person I am. I am joyous, grateful, and happy. I look at myself and see the beauty that is me. WOW!!!! I am letting go of everything that no longer serves me... I have opened in ways I am sure I don't know about yet. I have always loved gardening but I am so thrilled with everything in nature now. Yeah!!!"

      - Joanne


      "The most outstanding moment I've experienced, I think, is every time I've finished working on the course at a time. Once I'm done for the day, the high vibration of the energy just keeps following me around, and it's pretty cool. I love how I have gotten to enjoy the 'high' long after I'm done... It's all been a blast... I'm so glad I decided to partake in this awesome and awe-inspiring course!"



      All of the above and more for


      includes all course materials, valued at $375, and shipping

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      Refunds are available for up to 30 days after purchase, in the method items were paid for. Returns over 30 days can be exchanged for store credit only. For both refunds and store credit, we subtract $50 for administrative/re-stocking fees, as well as any shipping expenses and the cost of any opened or used materials.


      Returning Students
      Those already certified as Star Essence Practitioners may take the online course for the very special price of $111.00.
      Please contact us to receive the returning student discount.