Star Essence is a company dedicated to creating impeccable vibrational essences.

This includes using sacred activated water, exquisite quality flowers and gemstones, intention and attention. Star Essences are made during powerful planetary activations and alignments in energetically powerful places. They address healing as well as evolution, with an ultimate goal of PEACE, within ourselves and on our planet. They are made with love!

Joyfully and Gratefully Serving Your Flower and Gemstone Essence Needs and Pleasures since 1994.


September Picks

Epic Tolerance Epic Tolerance
Epic Tolerance
from $ 18.00
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Integration Integration
from $ 18.00
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Pineal Light Infusion Pineal Light Infusion
Pineal Light Infusion
from $ 18.00
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Diamond Diamond
from $ 18.00
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Quartz, Rose Quartz, Rose
Quartz, Rose
from $ 18.00
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Whale Time Whale Time
Whale Time
from $ 18.00
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Brilliant Student Brilliant Student
Brilliant Student
$ 20.00 $ 11.20
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Graceful Passages Graceful Passages
Graceful Passages
$ 20.00
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