Star Essence is a company dedicated to creating impeccable vibrational essences.

This includes using sacred activated water, exquisite quality flowers and gemstones, intention and attention. Star Essences are made during powerful planetary activations and alignments in energetically powerful places. They address healing as well as evolution, with an ultimate goal of PEACE, within ourselves and on our planet. They are made with love!

Joyfully and Gratefully Serving Your Flower and Gemstone Essence Needs and Pleasures since 1994.


July Picks

Brave Heart Brave Heart
Brave Heart
from $ 18.00
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Freedom/Libertad Freedom/Libertad
$ 22.00
from $ 16.02
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Inner Guru Inner Guru
Inner Guru
from $ 18.00
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Light Navigator Light Navigator
Light Navigator
from $ 18.00
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Kyanite Kyanite
from $ 18.00
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Celebration Pair Celebration Pair
Celebration Pair
$ 42.00 $ 33.20
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Emancipated Master Emancipated Master
Emancipated Master
$ 20.00 $ 17.80
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Soul Purpose Soul Purpose
Soul Purpose
$ 20.00
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