Star Essence is a company dedicated to creating impeccable vibrational essences.

This includes using sacred activated water, exquisite quality flowers and gemstones, intention and attention. Star Essences are made during powerful planetary activations and alignments in energetically powerful places. They address healing as well as evolution, with an ultimate goal of PEACE, within ourselves and on our planet. They are made with love!

Joyfully and Gratefully Serving Your Flower and Gemstone Essence Needs and Pleasures since 1994.


Star's Total Solar Eclipse Picks

Pituitary Master Pituitary Master
Pituitary Master
from $ 18.00
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Pineal Light Infusion Pineal Light Infusion
Pineal Light Infusion
from $ 18.00
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Selenite Selenite
from $ 18.00
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FAB Spray FAB Spray
FAB Spray
$ 22.00
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Recent Articles

Here comes the Lady Slipper
March 20, 2018

I am in continuous gratitude for being guided to Hot Springs for this phase of my life and this phase of the essences. The activated crystalline world here is catapulting me into what feels like even higher realms. Last summer...

The Making of Hornbeam, A Golden Bach
February 08, 2018

I knew Hornbeam grew in Arkansas, and in my area. I had checked with many sources. Both books, and those knowledgeable about Arkansas trees. Looking for this tree (and some other Bach remedies) motivated me to join the Arkansas Native...

The Making of Holly, A Golden Bach
February 08, 2018

March 12th, 2017 Holly. It has my attention. They are growing all over town. I’ve been looking at them for weeks. There is one in my yard the size of a small tree that I have been loving, as well as...

She Will Always Remain the MAGIC in my HEART
December 05, 2017

To know her was to love her, and so many people did. It’s the end of an era. R.I.P. Magic Heart After 20 plus years of service my dear, sweet kitty Magic Heart has gone to kitty heaven, where she...