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A Galaxy of Love

Bringing Hearts Together

November 8th-9th, 2013 marked the 10 year anniversary of the Harmonic Concordance, an extremely rare and spiritually significant astrological event that occurred November 8-9, 2003, and was celebrated world-wide. The Harmonic Concordance Anniversary Essence is a very special blend of flower and gemstone essences (and one comet essence!), synergistically chosen and formulated to honor and enhance this sacred event, and these sacred times. Though the anniversary event has passed, a profound momentum has begun, and this essence continues to be stellar for groups, celebratory gatherings, sacred ceremonies, and community unity of all kinds. Among its many gifts, it supports brother/sister-hood, harmony and understanding, receptivity to divine solutions, personal and global purpose, PEACE ~ and remaining balanced during these transformative times. Build and maintain a beautiful love frequency- within yourself, and with others!

Note: Harmonic Concordance comes in a 1 oz. concentrate form only. You are encouraged to make lots of dosage dilutions to share with others. 7 drops will make one ounce! (One bottle of the concentrate will make over 80 one ounce dosage bottles.) Click here for a downloadable PDF with easy dilution directions!

Ingredients: Anchoring Light (Sobralia dichotoma), Balance and Stability (Habenaria), Freedom/Libertad (Xylobium w/24K Gold), Light Codes of Unification (Ida jamesiorm oakley), One Heart (Epidendrum cuscoense), Pineal Light Infusion (Ellianthus capitatus), Chaska (Hale Bopp Comet), 24K Gold, and Moldavite

Base: 50% Activated Sacred Healing Water / 50% vodka as a preservative.

The story:

Recently I received a request asking me about making an essence for the 10th anniversary of the Harmonic Concordance (an extremely rare and spiritually significant astrological event that occurred November 8/9, 2003 and was celebrated world-wide). Right after that, the synchronicities started happening.

The request came from Cynthia Peden of www.moonmoney.com and Johnny Mirehiel of www.harmonicconcordance.org- and their enthusiasm, as well as Hilary Bee, who was also championing the Harmonic Concordance 10 years ago, got me enthusiastic and motivated.

Interestingly enough, Arielle- who is our Head Bottling Priestess as well as our graphic and web mystic- reminded me that the Harmonic Concordance back in November 2003 was when she met me.  She and her mother Anne were in the group I took to Peru and were present for the big ceremony we did there for the Harmonic Concordance.  She was very excited about this constellation for the 10th anniversary, so that added to my enthusiasm.

I asked, If we could have lots of people taking an essence at the same time (I have always felt it is very powerful when we do this)- which essences would we want them to take? 

Everything came together and this is the essence that co-creatively emerged. First I had to look up the word "concordance" again: A formal agreement. Being of one mind. I knew that One Heart was an integral piece.  A harmonic concordance of the heart.  The One Heart Andean orchid essence helps put us into that place of acceptance.  That place of unity consciousness.

Then Balance and Stability jumped in- because things are happening sometimes intensely, it is nice to have some help from Nature to keep ourselves in balance.

Anchoring Light helps us to be that chalice to bring the light through- and anchor it...  and also helps us to remain grounded while we are at it.  Very valuable during these transformative times with huge transmissions coming forth.

Pineal Light Infusion- because it is time we wake up our pineal gland and this essence helps with that awakening. (There is lots of info about the importance of the pineal gland.)

Light Codes of Unification- the most recent Andean orchid essence- has come to help us move into unity and oneness, and to assist our expansion process into the 5th dimension.

The Chaska (Hale Bopp Comet) essence for our galactic connection, and it was made at Chaska land in Peru where we celebrated the Harmonic Concordance and had our big ceremony in the labyrinth.

24 karat yellow Gold essence is a good conductor and increases the capacity of the nervous system to hold more light and to be more receptive to receiving the new codes.

Moldavite is all about interdimensional awareness, feeling comfortable on the earth, brotherhood/sisterhood, embracing change… oh so very relevant!

Freedom/Libertad. This is an essence that I personally like to take everyday.  It is truth at all levels, and it is about realigning our original divine blueprint.  It's a service to ourselves and to others to take this essence, as when we take it we can help raise the frequency of anyone who enters our field.  It is also about FREEDOM.

With these nine essences, we thought the blend was complete... Surprise!  You know how much I like magic and miracles and signs and synchronicities.

Arielle has been involved at Star Essence for many years and is the one who knows where everything is in the bottling room.  As she was getting things together to make this essence, a surprise bottle showed up, very nicely labeled: "Harmonic Concordance Eclipse Energy- Mother Essence."  We realized that we had made a mother essence back then, 10 years ago, from that special energy, and had never done anything with it.  Sometimes essences just want to sit, until it is their time to be released.  It was amazing that this bottle just "appeared" at exactly the right moment, so this essence- carrying the vibration of the exact moment of the Harmonic Concordance, and the accompanying prayers and ritual- is also in the anniversary blend.

Let's have Fun and Celebrate and Have a Harmonic ConcorDANCE Of Love ~

- Star XOXO

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