$ 20.00
Sobralia setigera  Higher Chakra Orchid

Balanced Light Body; Peace, Serenity, Harmony

This exquisite orchid essence encompasses 2 chakras: the Gold Chakra is like a halo about an arm's length above the head. The wisdom of the gold chakra is love and acceptance. It holds the Christ energy. From the gold halo, this chakra cascades out to the Silver/White Chakra, encompassing the luminescent light body. The Sobralia setigera orchid flower essence contains the energies needed for us to access the space where truth and peace flow out of our ecstatic hearts: we feel enraptured in bliss, peace, serenity and harmony. When we go into this space, we ride the currents of the universe through our consciousness and feel wisdom, love and acceptance of all that is. Here we also have recognition of pure self. This essence assists your subtle bodies in sustaining balance, tranquility, peacefulness and divine contentment. Taking this essence while desiring and intending to bring this high vibrational light into your body will help activate these chakras and will also help you stay balanced while this is happening.

Gold+Silver/White Chakra is an ingredient in: Illumination, Shield of Light, Shield of Light Spray, Transcendence Spray, Transcendence Anointing Oil.

Gold+Silver/White Chakra is included in: Higher Chakra Trilogy.