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Anchor Celestial Frequencies; Inflammation

Azestulite is a stone of light and carries very high celestial frequencies. It is considered to have one of the purest and most refined vibrations in the mineral world. It can act as an intermediary and catalyst for communicating with beings in other dimensions, especially angels. Its high vibration may also support greater alignment with our higher aspects, including unconditional love. Sense of deep peace, serenity and optimism. Azestulite resonates with the 3rd eye and crown chakras. Depending on one’s current stage of development, it may additionally activate the higher soul star chakra (also known as the silver/white chakra). Kundalini stimulation, interdimensional travel. Taking this essence can help us to anchor more light and love into the planet. A good essence for light bringers, light workers.

Anatomy keywords: cancer, cellular disorders, inflammation