$ 20.00
Aster / Aster chilensis  Santa Barbara Flower

Soul Communion; Enchanting Versatility

Aster takes its name from the Greek word Astron, meaning "Star". It encourages you to connect with your own star, and to shine your brightest. This essence can facilitate deep communion with the soul and with one's spiritual blueprint, resulting in profound awareness of one's personal path, abilities and direction (and how that relates to the whole). It takes you very deeply and gently into yourself for contemplation, reassessment and revitalization, regardless of outer circumstances. Connect with your dream life- sleeping and waking. Make changes and choices that are most beneficial for your highest good- embrace new ways! Enjoy inner space and adaptability, and peace of mind in all circumstances. Very good for hospice work and the dying process. Also addresses performance anxiety and self-esteem, and detoxification on every level.