The Story of the Gold: Freedom/Libertad and 24k Gold

Star Riparetti

excerpted from Bliss and Blessings: The Divine Alchemy of the Star Flower and Gemstone Essences

Right after we made [the Freedom/Libertad] essence, I told Roger that I was getting the message that it was supposed to have Gold in it. His immediate response was, "It has to be 24 karat gold."

Shortly after that, in another discussion, I overheard Roger describing to someone this totally pure, spongy-shaped, 24 karat gold that you could get in Puerto Maldanado, which is on the Amazon river. In still another conversation, Roger was debating whether to pick up a group in La Paz or Puerto Maldanado. I said, "If you go to Puerto Maldanado you can pick up the gold for the essence."

"Decision made," he said immediately. "I'm going to Puerto Maldanado."

When he called me on Christmas Day, I asked him if he had gotten the gold for the essence. He said, "Funny thing, the bus broke down right in front of the place where they sell the gold. I went in, bought the gold, came back, and the bus started, and that was it." He had planned to get the gold on the way back. As it turned out there was a storm on the way out and they had to leave at 4 in the morning, and wouldn't have been able to get the gold...

A second piece of the Puerto Maldanado 24 karat gold was used to make the Gold Gemstone Essence in the energy of the Winter Solstice, Dec. 22, 2011 at Star's land, ChaskaNorte in Ojai, CA.

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The Story of St. Germain's Painting

Star Riparetti

I take groups to Peru and I always tell folks that if there is something special they want to see or do- put it into Roger's consciousness and it inevitably happens. Roger Valencia is our awesome guide. He doesn't promise- makes no guarantees- yet inevitably whatever we have placed there (in Rog's consciousness) happens.

Such was the case with Gonzalo Medina. We were in Aguas Calientes, the little town below Machu Picchu. Roger was showing us some paintings done by his friend, Gonzalo. We were all very impressed by the paintings- which were quite cosmic. Someone in our group decided they really wanted to meet Gonzalo, so they told Roger.

A few days later we were driving along in the Sacred Valley of the Incas and suddenly Roger said, "Rudy, stop, pull over- there is Gonzalo!" (Rudy was our bus driver.)

Gonzalo was just getting into the back of a pickup truck (a form of public transportation in that area). Roger jumped out, got Gonzalo and brought him to our bus. He had a walkman and headphones. I took the headphones and listened and found out that he was listening to (in my judgment) some terrible rock and roll, terrible because it had yucky words. Gonzalo said (in Spanish) that he didn't understand the words, because they were in English; but that what he really wanted was some New Age music. Immediately a couple of people gave him some tapes- one being Michael Hammers ascension music. We told Gonzalo how much we liked his paintings in Aguas Calientes and he said (through Roger as translator) that if we would tell him the elements we wanted in a painting he would paint it for us.

Suddenly it rolled off my tongue: "So... Can he paint St. Germain?" (I feel St. Germain is often around me and the essences- and even though I know he is, sometimes it seems like such a fantasy and I always enjoy confirmation).

Gonzalo came back without a moment's hesitation and said, "And the Violet Flame?"

I briefly choked and said, "I guess he knows who he is."

By this time we had arrived at our hotel. Gonzalo said he would bring some paintings over for us to see later that night or in the morning. (He did not invite us to his studio, and later I figured out why: his studio is also his house.) I will interject at this moment and say that on this particular day our group was a bit agitated and less bonded than we had been. We had reached some all time highs on this trip and people were wondering now if everything was coming apart and whether we would ever get it back to that high level again. I woke up in the middle of the night and began to meditate and go to everyone on the inner planes. All was quite well. I realized that the one thing different about the day was that we hadn't taken any flower essences. Up until that day I had been passing them out quite regularly. I pulled out my box and took some Andean Orchid flower essences, including Xylobium with 24 karat gold (Freedom/Libertad). Suddenly I felt the room fill with the presence of St. Germain and I felt great happiness. Then my vision switched and I was watching Gonzalo paint a picture. (Note- this was 4am in my meditation.) I could see him painting St. Germain. I was excited and I decided I wanted to see what color his eyes were in the painting. My friend always says they are violet; I see them as brown, and I know it doesn't really matter- yet still- I was curious... Well- I just couldn't make them out and the harder I tried, the less I could see. So eventually I went blissfully back to sleep knowing all was well.

Around 7:30am there was a knock at my door and my friend was excitedly telling me Gonzalo was downstairs and he had brought 4 or 5 paintings. (We still aren't sure if he did them all that night- but we think so.) He just said, "More Hammer music."

When he pulled out the St. Germain painting (I immediately took a deep breath, and my eyes started watering), Gonzalo began telling me how I came to his room at 4 in the morning with St. Germain and so he painted him. So... If you notice the eyes- a very nice confirmation of that Merlinesque part of St. Germain- his eyes are shut. Oh what fun.

This is a very special painting. I consider it a gift from St. Germain. It is a transmission. It has a very beautiful vibration that carries through the prints. I feel that having the picture up assists in maintaining the violet transmuting flame. It certainly reminds us to call upon it.

Gonzalo explained the picture saying that there is the Violet Flame- and there is also the other colors of the spectrum- and most importantly, there is the flame you hold in your heart.

It was such an honor to meet this master artist who has a deep connection to the ascended masters and the space brothers and sisters. I am surely happy to say- I am so grateful.

The late Gonzalo Medina was born and raised in Cusco, Peru. His father was a well known artist and his brother lives in New York and is also famous. Gonzalo was a beautiful, sensitive, visionary artist. You can visit his murals all around the town of Aguas Calientes, at the base of Machu Picchu.

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Flower Power: Local entrepreneur and spiritual seeker says her bottled essences tap into the invisible energy of plants

Star Essence

By Rhonda Parks Manville
Santa Barbara News Press Staff Writer

During her 14-year career in nuclear medicine, Star Riparetti worked with the unseen vibrations of radioactive isotopes. Now she works with the invisible energy of flowers.

The Santa Barbaran is the maker of Star Flower Essences, liquid infusions of flowers collected from plants in Santa Barbara and sacred sites near Machu Picchu, Peru. Bottled in blue glass and dispensed with eye droppers for placement under the tongue, the flower essences are said by those who use them to have beneficial powers that come from the plant's field of energy.

"There are some things you can't see, or feel or taste, but they are very powerful," said Riparetti, who takes a lighthearted approach to life. She wears loose, flowing clothing and short-cropped hair with long braids in the back, and she drives a Volvo with a bumper sticker proclaiming, "Bliss Happens."

"Nature is part of an unseen world that is willing to help us," she said. "When you think about how good you feel when you look at a flower or smell a flower, it makes sense. Everything has an energy -- science has proven that."

At 54, Riparetti has a life many people would envy. She lives and works not far from the beach in Santa Barbara, in a home surrounded by plants and flowers. Her small business is doing well enough that she employs several people. She works with spiritually minded people like herself, who use yoga, meditation, prayer and holistic health practices to keep their lives in balance.

Riparetti also leads annual tours to Peru, and she conducts workshops to teach people how to make essences for themselves. A one-ounce bottle of her essences sells for about $13 in New Age bookstores, on her website, and through mail order.

Humans have been making healing potions with plants and flowers for thousands of years. Similarly, almost all the world's major religions use holy water in rituals and anointments to signify healing and purity.

So while many people might scoff at the idea of flower water having healing powers, Riparetti sees her work as part of an important spiritual tradition that is being rediscovered. This awareness coincides with the coming of the millennium, she believes.

"I think that more of our senses are coming to life," Riparetti said. "It's why we can use something that is subtle like flower essences, because our energies are becoming more refined."

Born and raised in Santa Barbara, Riparetti entered the world of flower essences after leaving a successful career as the chief technician and director of the School of Nuclear Medicine at the Cancer Foundation of Santa Barbara.

Working in the field of nuclear medicine "was frustrating, because you would have five people with the same disease, treat them all the same, and some would get better and some would die. I knew there had to be something else," Riparetti said.

After leaving her job, she opened a bar called Riparetti's on the Eastside, and she became a spiritual seeker, although she wasn't sure what she was looking for. She practiced yoga and Reiki body therapy, aromatherapy and herbology; she meditated and spent time in nature.

And then she saw a tiny ad in the newspaper that said, "Flowers for healing."

"It just got to my heart and I don't know why," Riparetti said. "I had always loved flowers. I wanted all the information I could get."

Riparetti studied the teachings of Dr. Edward Bach, who popularized the use of flower essences for health in the 1930s. Riparetti became a practitioner, but the work was not as rewarding as she would have liked. So she kept an open mind about what she was to do with her new knowledge.

In 1988 she went to Peru for the first time, and hiked the famed Inca trail leading to Machu Picchu, the ancient Inca city in the Andes. On the way, she was introduced to Andean orchids, and a light went off in her head. "I thought, 'Andean Orchid essences,' but I knew I'd never make them without a Peruvian. It was not my country."

Riparetti continued to travel to Peru in the following years, and the thought of making orchid essences nagged her. Then she met the man who would be her partner, botanist Roger Valencia of Peru, an orchid expert and guide who speaks five languages and has a nonprofit organization that plants trees. With him, Star made her first batch of "mother essences" from several varieties of wild, non-threatened orchid species growing near Machu Picchu.

From this, Star Flower Essences was born.

Using orchids is significant, Riparetti said, because they are a highly evolved plant, comparable to dolphins in the animal kingdom. And they are beautiful, "demonstrating a profound understanding of natural laws," according to company literature.

There are now 74 essences available through the company, 23 from plants grown in Santa Barbara. Several are blends and some are essences from gems. ("They also have a frequency, just like colors do," Riparetti explained. "Some materials, like radioactive cobalt, have a frequency so strong and dense scientists use a Geiger counter to measure it.")

Some essences are made to coincide with important planetary events. On Aug. 11, during a cross-planetary alignment, Riparetti and her students made a Lotus essence, harvested from Lotusland in Montecito.

Riparetti's essence-making process is imbued with spiritual ritual and mindfulness. Prayers are said before an outing begins and when flowers are harvested. The essences are made by leaving the flowers to soak in the sun, in water taken from a sacred ceremonial fountain of Inca ruins. Then this "mother essence" is diluted and preserved with a bit of alcohol. Before the essences are bottled, Riparetti and her staff bless them with prayers.

Joy Bondy, who works at Paradise Found bookstore, said Star Flower Essences changed her life. She's been using them for three years.

"I did a three-day workshop with Star and I had a spiritual awakening," she said. "I could see that I was functioning in a way that was not working any more. I went from being a suburban housewife to a person on a spiritual path. It opened my eyes to new possibilities, to a healthier, more spiritual life."

Bondy said that using the flower essences is a way of seeking the higher intelligence of nature.

"There is a mystery involved. I can't say how or why it works exactly," she said. "But then, do we know why some Western medicines work? The answer is 'No.'

Riparetti gives her Star Flower Essences names and suggestions for their use. From the Santa Barbara collection, for example, "Pure Joy" is the name of the orange blossom essence, which she recommends for "renewed enthusiasm" to be "happy for no reason."

Riparetti views flowers as teachers and healers, whether people enjoy them through gardening or by spraying flower essences on their pillowcases at night.

"The flower is the highest state of the plant's expression," Riparetti says in her brochures. "Flowers are gifts from Mother Earth, telling us how much she loves us."


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