Making the Ida jamesiorm Orchid and Yanali Tree Essences

Star Riparetti

Soaring. Defined as that time when things are flowing, gracefully. My recent journey to Peru was once again filled with wonder and magic. We were at the right place at the right time, all of the time.

Before I left it felt like there was a possibility I would be making an orchid essence. I didn't know which one or what for- and didn't commit to anyone or myself about it. Gotta have the signs... And to keep in mind- as we are still in this time/space thing- there was only one day that there would be an orchid opportunity, which happened to be the day after the equinox. (Of course that was perfect, so the essences have that download of equinox energy.)

There were two major energies that were released during the equinox (March 20, 2012):
  1. Total Self Love. Loving and Honoring every aspect of ourselves. 
  2. The Male/Female Balance, equality and wholeness, and to honor our own personal gender (inner or outer).

After our ceremony at Machu Picchu on the day of the equinox, our wonderful guide and friend, Nilo, was talking about the different medicinal plants. Nilo did his thesis on medicinal plants of Peru. He began to describe the Yanali Tree. I had a complete body rush as soon as he said its name- and knew right then that the plant wanted to be an essence. The medicinal gifts of this tree are vast. One thing it addresses is Rheumatoid Arthritis, and fibromyalgia came up as well. I was thinking about what it feels like to NOT have Arthritis. That would be flexibility. "Coincidentally" that was the word that I had picked from the Angel cards that morning in our group meditation! I felt that was a sweet confirmation.

Nilo and I made a plan to go the next day to a place called Mandor Falls, and everyone in the group wanted to go. We took the local train towards the hydroelectric plant and had the conductor make an unscheduled stop to let us off. That morning we were in search of the Yanali for sure- and- to see if an orchid would call.

Right after we walked onto the trail to the waterfalls Nilo spotted a Yanali Tree. An auspicious sign. As we walked there was one orchid that was literally lining the path. A beautiful green one. It seemed to be everywhere, glowing. In fact, nearly all of the photos I have of it look overexposed, I think because it was emanating so much light! It really wanted to be chosen.

On this trip a theme had been duality. In Peru there seems to be a "male" and "female" for everything, including the mountains. This orchid, that was fairly monotone in its greenness, told me it was beyond duality. It was about unity, Oneness.

The Ida jamesiorm oakley Orchid essence is called "Light Codes of Unification" and addresses ascension, unconditional love and acceptance, humanitarian consciousness and other aspects of spiritual expansion.

The moment this essence was complete, David Wolfe (raw food teacher and enthusiast, amazing being, and friend) and his group appeared- going to the waterfalls. I had wanted to "cross paths" (I kept using that phrase) with David- knowing we would be in Peru at the same time. We literally crossed paths several times. Such fun!

After making the Orchid Essence, I could feel that my group was ready to go back to town and eat. I felt great, not hungry, and there back at the beginning of the trail was that Yanali tree, and it was saying- hey, here I am. We had not seen another Yanali Tree on the trail, and this one was perfect. I stayed and made the essence. 

The Yanali Tree essence is called "Wilka Mayu" (meaning "Sacred River" in Quechua, the indigenous language of Peru). It addresses physical and emotional flexibility (including joint and mobility concerns), fluidity, and self-acceptance.

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Making the Flax and Amaranth Peruvian Flower Essences

Star Riparetti

My friend Roger Valencia had mentioned to me that he had planted a field of Linseed (Flax) at his place in San Salvador, Peru, and that when he had been there a couple of weeks before they were all in bloom: the most beautiful color of pale blue/purple.

This magical land in San Salvador, in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, is the place that I used to own with Roger. I have enough to do, and I am very happy here in Santa Barbara, so I eventually sold my half to Roger and he still owns it. It is my very favorite place in Peru. When I get to that valley, a remarkable, special peace comes over me- every time!

Lights and whistles sounded when Roger mentioned the Linseed and its color. I said, "That sounds like an essence. Do you think they will still be in bloom?" He had a big smile and said probably so (we never really know until the moment- so there is always that suspense), and that he had told Flore, the guardian of the land, that I would probably be making a visit.

When I got back to Cusco from Machu Picchu I called sweet Walter, who has a car (taxi) and organized for him to take me to San Salvador.

We had an absolutely exquisite day making the Linseed/Flax essence, with grace at every juncture. In my research I saw that Flax is one of the oldest cultivated plants- perhaps the oldest. Lots of ancient memory there...

The Linseed/Flax essence is called "Recalibrate and Flourish" and addresses fibromyalgia, arthritis, and joints. It helps to bring us Vitality, Resilience and Grace in Our Body, as well as Awaken Ancient and Multi-Dimensional Memory.

While we were in that valley we were noticing the beautiful Amaranth in bloom. The Amaranth began talking to me. The next day we were back in that stunningly gorgeous valley- back at the base of Pachatusan Mountain (which means "Anchor of the World")- making the Amaranth essence.

There were many things that guided me to the Amaranth. For one, the name Amaranth caught my ear this time. The woman who helped to raise me had the birth name of Fairy. True! Fairy Leticia Holland. She belonged to an organization called the Order of the Amaranth (it is a masonic order for women, similar to Eastern Star). I felt like her spirit was guiding me, and while we were making the essence, I could feel the fairies playing in the gorgeous field of deep purple/red Amaranth with its everlasting blooms.


The Amaranth essence is called "Regal Amaranth ~ RA" and assists us with reaching our highest potential. Be Strong, Versatile and Efficient; Recognize and Honor the Presence of Spirit.

Walter, my driver and buddy, totally enjoyed the experience of making these essences. He could feel them, and felt they were very strong. He said these were days he would always remember.

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Making the Penka Penqa Essence: The Story of Brave Heart

Star Riparetti

[During the 2009 Peru Sacred Adventure] I went specifically looking for a particular Orchid that I kept seeing in my inner vision. Roger told me it was the Ellianthus capitatus Orchid. Roger knew it wasn't its real time to bloom, and we also knew that magic always happens and anything is possible. We began our search by looking in two different Botanical Gardens at Machu Picchu (places I had never been). We were looking to get an idea of what was in bloom (not to make an essence in the gardens...). What we found were many of the Ellianthus- ALL with very spent blooms... After seeing so many of them with last year's blooms, I felt the obvious message that essence wasn't happening. [It happened a year and a half later: click here to read the story of Making the Ellianthus Orchid Essence.]

The next day I went on a hike on the trail thru the Sun-Gate from Machu Picchu to Winay Winah to see what I might find. I stopped at a beautiful place with giant stones and did a meditation. I was told that "for everything there is a season" and this wasn't the season for the Ellianthus to bloom; that it would be good to get in touch with my own cycles; that Nature could create magic and miracles and I could find the Orchid blooming, and- it would be better to make it in its own timing... and that there would be a particular tiny flower blooming at the Chilca Lodge at the base of Ausangate Mountain where we would be going in a few days. I would know the flower- that it was a strong survivor growing there at 14,000 ft- and there would be signs- and - it would be for Post Traumatic Stress.... Yikes! It felt like very specific information...

When we reached the spot where we hike in to the Chilca Lodge it was raining. There was a choice of hiking or taking the bus at that point, and one traveler- Lori Ann, and myself decided to hike in the rain. She is a botanist (among her myriad other gifts) and we were looking at the flowers. There were 2 or 3 possibilities, and nothing that had an absolute yes.

That night it rained a lot. (I love it when it rains before I make an essence, and everything is cleansed.) Then they got the first snow (purity of purpose) of the season... and as magic would have it the sun came out! I gathered the essence making stuff and we headed out. Nilo - our guide- was telling me about a flower he had been talking with the locals about: the Penka Penqa (as with many things in Quechua, it is spelled many ways- so I have chosen this way). They said it was for shyness and had other medicinal qualities. At that point I wasn't sure which flower was the Penka Penqa. We were walking along and Lori Ann called to me to check out this little flower with a bluish purple tint- that was RADIATING. Indeed- it was literally glowing!!! We had not seen this flower before! It had come out after the snow. Of course, this was the Penka Penqa- and as we looked around, they started popping up everywhere. Again, everything that could go right, went right. It was very easy and graceful to make the essence. We had two beautiful local gentlemen join us in the essence making (one named Santos- saint, and one named Cruz- cross...). 

After we made the essence, the sky clouded over again. It cleared for the perfect amount of time for our essence making. 

The Penka Penqa's scientific name is Gentiana sedifolia (thank you Lori Ann for botanizing and finding out who it is). We have christened it Brave Heart- which is the message that came from Betsy (thank you!) in our group. It is a happy survivor. The night I got home I was thinking about the trip and the essences and for some crazy reason I turned on the TV. In the 15 minutes I had the TV on, I heard the words "Post Traumatic Stress" three times. (That was enough TV- I got the sign- and turned it off...)

The Penka Penqa Brave Heart essence addresses Post Traumatic Stress disorder and supports flourishing in the face of adversity. It fosters courage, encourages confidence, and helps one to move forward feeling graceful, gracious, safe.

Much more is being revealed about this essence. Many of you will know much more about this (Post Traumatic Stress) than I do- as I am already finding out. I am hoping that someone will get a grant to work with returning soldiers. I feel this is a very powerful essence.


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