Treat yourself to a flower-fueled, love-filled Valentine's Day!

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self love valentine's day

With Valentine’s Day upon us, it seems that the season of love is in full force! From Cupid with his lovestruck arrow, to giant teddy bears, to heart-shaped everything - Valentine’s Day can feel simultaneously overwhelming and inauthentic. Truthfully, it doesn’t have to be like that. There is another way.

We’re here to bring love, sensuality, and authenticity back into your Valentine’s Day with our Love Apothecary Trilogy, a flower-fueled tool kit for greater self-love and love of others. As your love alchemists, we’ve brewed three enticing blends of flower essences, essential oils, and sacred healing water to infuse your Valentine’s day with the authentic passion and joy that you deserve. Allow us to explain…

The Love Apothecary Trilogy

  1. Beloved Anointing Oil

Anoint your luscious self (or lover!) with this intoxicating blend of essences and essential oils that inspire free expression of love and joy. The warm, spicy blend of essential oils of clove, bergamot, and sandalwood paired with the playfully wild, and unifying essences of wild potato, mango, and banana make this anointing oil perfect for channeling the frequencies of ecstatic love!

  1. Love, Lover, Beloved Spray

Made from the same blend as our Beloved Anointing Oil, the Love, Lover, Beloved Spray allows you to spritz your space with the enchanting, intoxicating aroma of our warm and spicy Beloved Anointing Oil. Spray pillows, bedding, and clothing to fill your sacred spaces with the frequencies of elation and love. Even better, spritz your luscious self to enhance your ability to give and receive love.

  1. Radiant Sensuality Constellation

You’ve anointed yourself and/or your lover with Beloved Anointing Oil. You’ve spritzed your sacred spaces with the warm, spicy aromas of the Love, Lover, Beloved Spray. Now, it’s time for a sensual love potion. Our Radiant Sensuality constellation inspires you to be the love that you desire, while also cherishing yourself and your lover. This constellation is one of intimacy and has been known to excite a beautiful range of sexual vitality and sensuality rooted in trust and authenticity. It can be especially beneficial in helping to magnetize you to your love. Get creative with how you use this radiant constellation. Take a soothing bath infused with radiant sensuality. Craft an essence cocktail. Add a few drops to your favorite moisturizer. Treat yourself to radiant sensuality this Valentine’s Day!

Forget oversized teddy bears and heart-shaped everything and invite love, sensuality, and authenticity into your Valentine’s Day. This year, be the love that you deserve.

*Note - The Love Apothecary Trilogy includes each of the products listed above, though they may be purchased separately if desired.


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10 Flower Essences to Ring in the New Year with Self Love, Joy, and Abundance

Brandy Oswald

10 Flower Essences to Ring in the New Year

Every December 31st people around the world gather to celebrate and wish for a new year filled with abundance, self-love, joy, and sweet new beginnings. Unfortunately, in an effort to make these wishes a reality, we often resort to setting strict, joyless resolutions that consequently fall by the wayside by March. This year, let’s do things differently. Let’s open up to the blessings that await in the new year. Stop forcing, striving, and fighting - rather, open up and create space for the magic that lies ahead.

 Today we’re giving you a round-up of our 10 favorite essences to ring in the new year with self-love, joy, and abundance. Replace those restrictive resolutions with soulful intentions as you incorporate these essences into your new year. The more soulful the intention, the more soulful the impact!


10 Essences to Ring in the New Year


Celebration Blessings Spray

Featuring: Dance, Eternal Youth, Pure Joy, Otter Delight, 24k gold, and essential oils of lime, bergamot, tangerine, orange, and lavender

Celebrate the new year with joy, happiness, and delightful dancing. Celebration Blessings Spray makes everything happier and more joyful. It is great for movement of all kinds, especially dance. It features some of our most joyful essences including: Dance, Pure Joy, and Otter Delight. Also enjoy its uplifting blend of essential oils including: lime, tangerine, and orange.


Quintessential Balance

Featuring: Balance & Stability, Faith & Courage, Clear Quartz (master healer)
Indulge in a few too many cocktails or cookies over the holiday season? Quickly return to a state of equilibrium with our Quintessential Balance essence blend. This blend of essences is the perfect rescue remedy for adults, teenagers, children, pets, and even plants! It is truly an essence must-have.


Holy Harmony Spray

Featuring: Balance & Stability, Be Nurtured, Faith & Courage, Nature Communion, and essential oils of lavender & fennel
As the holiday season comes to a close and the new year begins, we often find ourselves searching for harmony - with family, friends, and even ourselves. Invite balance, harmony, connection, and unconditional into the new year with our Holy Harmony Spray. It’s both relaxing and uplifting, making it the perfect post-holiday elixir.


Perfect Weight

Featuring: Balance & Stability, Master Teacher, Sublime Chocolate, Sacred Union, Rose Quartz
The new year is traditionally a time of resolutions, goal setting, and strict diet and weight loss plans. They never really seem to work all that well, leaving us feeling disappointed. Try something new this year with our Perfect Weight essence blend. It supports balanced appetite and metabolism, while promoting confidence and self-love. The perfect weight is a state of mind, which is why this essence blend is crafted to promote the release of emotional, as well as physical, weight. Enjoy your beautiful body and achieve your perfect weight state of mind in 2017!


The Way I Am

Calla Lily flower essence
Love yourself exactly as you are this new year with our favorite essence for self-love - The Way I Am. This calla lily flower essence supports radiant self-love and self-acceptance, while promoting authentic self-expression.



Golden Bach Flower
Begin the new year with confidence and self-reliance with the Cerato flower essence. It will support you in trusting your own judgement, allowing you to release uncertainty and self-doubt in the new year.


Sweet New Beginnings

Pink Jasmine flower essence
Experience clarity and ease as you usher in the new year. Our Sweet New Beginnings essence will allow you to adjust to the new year with ease and balance. It is also great for connecting to the divine!


Prosperity Alchemy Spray

Featuring: Freedom/Libertad (with 24k gold), I Am Generosity, I Am Gratitude, Diamond, Emerald, and essential oils of bergamot, clove, and nutmeg
Ring in the new year with prosperity and abundance. Our Prosperity Alchemy Spray is perfect for promoting optimism, good fortune, and financial well-being. Expect abundance and wealth from unexpected sources when using this powerful essence blend.  


Project Catalyst

Indian Paintbrush flower essence
Is there a project you’ve been wanting to dive into but can’t seem to find the inspiration or motivation? We’ve got just the thing for you. Stoke the fire of creativity, passion, and inspiration with our Project Catalyst flower essence. The start of a new year is a powerful time to launch a new endeavor, begin a new project, or tackle your goals. Allow the Indian Paintbrush flower to be your project catalyst for 2017. Let’s make it happen!


Let Go & Trust

Oregano flower essence
Holding onto attachments, stressors, or challenging situations from 2016? Release them with ease with the help of our Let Go and Trust essence. Create space for something new in the year ahead. Let Go and Trust is also a great essence to use during a new year cleanse.




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Believe in love, always.

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Believe in love

In yogic philosophy, there is a practice known as svadhyaya, or self-study. Svadhyaya is often thought of as the study of how one interacts with, and reacts to, the world around her/him. You might call it noticing yoga.

It’s noticing habits, thoughts, reactions, instincts, speech, desire, need, and more. At first, it’s merely recognizing. Then, perhaps, it becomes assessing what feels good and what does not, what is true and what is not, what serves you and want does not. From there, it’s choosing to interact with the world differently. It’s stepping back to act, not out of instinct, but intention. It is moving forward into the person that you desire to be - into your full potential and service to the world.

It’s choosing to know yourself better to better serve the world.

Now is a time when we need svadhyaya, when we need self-study. It is a time to step back and  acknowledge what we know to be true. In the name of self-study, in the name of love and unity, here is what I know to be true: Love is real. I see it. I feel it. I live it. Goodness is also real, as is joy and compassion. They are all so real.

I know this to be true.

It is time, now, to look inward and acknowledge the truth that love and goodness are real. It is important to remember that we see and feel their realness every day. We have a choice, as we turn our focus inward, to let go of what does not serve us and move forward into our full loving, unifying potential and service to the world. We have a choice to grow the love and joy and peace within, so that we may pass that goodness onto those we come across. We have the ability to create a snowball of love and joy and peace.

I know this to be true.

This reminds me of a profound message from author Elizabeth Gilbert in her book Eat Pray Love. Gilbert writes, “The best we can do then, in response to our incomprehensible and dangerous world, is to practice holding equilibrium internally - no matter what insanity is transpiring out there…. Imagine the universe is a great spinning engine. You want to stay near the core of the thing - right in the hub of the wheel - not out at the edges where all the wild whirling takes place, where you can get frayed and crazy. The hub of calmness that’s your heart. Stop looking for answers in the world. Just keep coming back to that center and you will always find peace.”

I know this to be true.

Lastly, I ask of you but one thing.... Believe in love. Always.

Need to fill up your love cup? Here are our favorite flower essences for promoting love, unity, and inward reflection:

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