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Anyone else been hit with a cold, or even the flu? Go to sleep feeling fine one night and boom, whatever has been incubating seems to hit hard in the morning. I reached for a lot of remedies to try and decrease the effect of the symptoms and hopefully shorten the length of my cold.


Wellness Formula // High in Zinc and Vitamin C, a few studies have shown that zinc specifically may shorten a cold up to 30-50% for some people. 
100% Cold Pressed Green Juice // From my local juice shop - Kale Me Maybe (lol) was full of dark leafy greens, ginger etc.
Super Immune Spray // I have a special appreciation for Eucalyptus whenever I have a cold. 
COLD EEZE Zinc Lozenges // Always have these on hand for first defense.
Homemade Bone Broth // Nothing quite like a healing broth when you're sick. I added lots of veggies and black pepper to mine for a hearty sinus clearing soup.

Celestial Seasonings Sleepy Time Tea-Extra // Valerian root for the win!

I also took a lot of baths, used eucalyptus shower steamers, cut out dairy/caffeine/alcohol. Drank Emergen-C and Nuuns and so much water to stay hydrated.

When I reached out for more tips, you all responded to my email and Instagram story with SO many good ideas and products! I wanted to share them with you and also make sure they got written down so I (we) could reference them again next year.

One customer shared these two products from companies who are also made by women, which you know I LOVED.

Urban Moonshine // Immune Zoom

Maine Medicinal // Elderberry Syrup

As a former Vermonter, I love Urban Moonshine (specifically their bitters) so I'm excited to give Immune Zoom a try next time I need it! 


"Elderberry anything (liquid, gummies, capsules)"

"Thyme and chamomile tea - I’ll drink 6-8 cups/day sweetened with honey. Thyme is super antibacterial and helps kill the bacteria; chamomile helps flush it out. I use this to stay healthy when others are sick around me, and always rely on it when I have a fever."

"I either use a drop of frankincense in water."

"Lots of ginger!"
California Baby // Eucalyptus Ease (for sensitive adults too).
I immediately ordered this and LOVE it! It's also great when I'm feeling a little sluggish and want to take a bath to refresh my brain. 
Yogi Tea // Cold Season Tea
Boiron // Cold Calm ( to be able to get some sleep )
The Synergy Company // Rapid Rescue 

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Rinda Payne
Rinda Payne
Apitherapy honey and elderberry extract by Honey Gardens

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