Strength and Chi

Vicia fabia
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Peruvian Flower Essence Collection

Well-Being; Vitality

This noble flower essence facilitates all functions of brain activity, including memory, energy and sense of well-being. It is useful for balancing hormones. Strength, energy and radiant vitality come from being in balance.


Strength and Chi is an ingredient in Attention Formula, Glorious Menopause, Magnificent Moontime, Man Alive, Super Immune, Cool Flash Spray, Leap of Faith Spray and Super Immune Spray.

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Andean Orchid Original Boxed Set!

Andean Orchid Box Set

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The 12 Original Andean Orchid Flower Essences, in a functional and decorative storage box!
(Note that this set does not include Pineal Light Infusion and Light Codes of Unification.)

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